Toyota wants to break sales records in 2012

Toyota Motor Corporation. predicts global sales increased 20 percent in 2012, or as many as 8.48 million vehicles. Toyota wants to re-establish its position in the world automotive market next year after the loss of production due to natural disasters in Japan and Thailand.

As reported by Reuters, Toyota is shifting the position of General Motors Co. as the world’s best-selling car manufacturers in 2008, but Toyota is losing its position this year due to disruption of the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan and floods in Thailand cut its production around the world.

With estimated sales this year as many as 7.90 million vehicles, including units Daihatsu Motor Co and Hino Motors Ltd., the possibility of Toyota is ranked third behind General Motors and Volkswagen AG.

The reason why Toyota’s sales fell because Toyota can not build (supply) cars. Now they can do it, maybe they will retake the top spot, “said Satoru Takada analyst based in Tokyo, Japan.

“But it depends on market growth will come,” he said.

Toyota plans in 2012 to defeat the achievement of their top as much as 8.43 million vehicles in 2007.

“I believe Toyota can achieve the task by immediately restoring the production and launch new models,” said Kiwoom Securities analyst Lee Hyun-soo in Seoul, South Korea.

“There will be fierce competition between Toyota, GM and Volkswagen to take the top position in the global market next year,” he said.

Toyota president Akio Toyoda said he was not interested in the race to be the biggest car manufacturers, while Volkswagen has a goal to sell 10 million vehicles for the title in 2018.

If measured by the value of stocks, Toyota far above their competitors with the $ 111 billion more than the combined shares of VW and GM.

At its peak in 2007, Toyota’s embrace earnings doubled and analysts said the sales recovery will be strengthened to reap the benefits with today’s exchange rate.