Toyota Prius being produced in China

The world’s largest car market, China is currently experiencing a problem related to the production of their country’s emissions are increasing due to higher car sales. Toyota also saw it as an opportunity to assemble a plan of Toyota Prius hybrid car.

Actually, in 2005, Toyota has begun building a second-generation Prius in China. This is the first time the car was built outside their home country Japan.

Unfortunately, at that Chinese consumers are not too interested in the hybrid and the Chinese government was not offering incentives for those who buy a ‘green car’, which ultimately makes the sale of this car so poor, Toyota finally stopped production immediately.

But in 2011, the Chinese government has been aware of the importance environmentally friendly vehicles to reduce air pollution in almost all big cities in china.

Finally, the Chinese government to limit any new car that may exist in the capital Beijing and several other cities and offers big incentives across the country for the purchase of hybrid or electric cars.

Toyota has been building and selling Camry Hybrid there, thinking that this is the right time to restart production of the Prius in China.

But technically the Prius is actually not fully made ??in China. Components of hybrid cars will be manufactured in Japan and then imported into China, where the rest of the cars built and assembled there.

By 2015 Toyota will plan to build hybrid cars and electric components in China, so the Japanese automaker will be built in a factory located in Changchun, which is Toyota’s factory with their Chinese partners, FAW.

Toyota Prius Cars ‘Made in China’ will first be shipped to customers in early 2012 although no price has been announced