Toyota Aqua Attracted Many Japanese People

As the most economical car in the world, Toyota Aqua managed to surprise the Japanese citizens.Recently launched last week in Japan was a car with fuel consumption reaches 35.4 km per liter had been booked as many as 60,000 units.

Reservations that means five times more than the targeted Toyota in Japan. Toyota car promises this one could distributed in 4 months to the consumer.

“It will take about four months for this car to the consumer’s home,” said Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Co., Koei Saga.

Aqua has another name Prius C in the United States has a blend of two engines driving the gasoline engine and electric motor. 1.500cc 4-cylinder engine capacity to power 74 PS at 4800 rpm and 111 Nm of torque. While the electric motor produces power up to 45 kW (61PS) and torque of 169 Nm (125. Lb-ft) if both machines are combined to produce 100 PS (73kW or 98HP).

Toyota Aqua itself has a length of 3.9 meters, shorter than the Prius which has a length of 4.48 meters.

From the price, Toyota Aqua 22 percent cheaper than the Toyota Prius which, according to the site off with prices ranging from 2.17 million yen, or approximately USD 251.2 million.

even cheap, the car is released at a price of 1.69 million yen, or approximately USD 195.6 million is claimed to have efficiency levels of 35 km / liter, is more efficient than the level of efficiency Fit (Jazz) hybrid version which claimed 30 km / liter at a price of 1 , 59 million yen