Sensation of BMW 325i M Edition

Looking at body when on the road, many people will glance. This is a place where luxury, elegance and sportsmanship blend in one body. Yes, this is the BMW 325i M Edition.


But before speaking more, let us review the appearance of the BMW 325i Edition M first. From the design side, you could say this car is one of the sexiest cars that you can find it easily.

At the front, look sporty style bumper M Division combined with bi xenon lights look great. Moreover, then this section is also added with a shape like flower petals on the hood. The line was then flowed again to the side of the vehicle to the rear.

At first glance it looked, was certain that the main point is obtained when looking at first is the design is beautiful to the eye.


Entry into the cabin the feel of an elegant directly combined with sportsmanship. Electrically adjustable seats and remember the settings used by the rider.

The existence of a sunroof in the roof of cabin also helps make the atmosphere feels spacious.

While the features bluetooth interface, iDrive controller, on board monitor that is able to entertain passengers with TV and DVD as well as a variety of information makes it a modern car.

When it came to road congestion, radio, mp3 and DVD is classified as very helpful. Moreover, the feature is matched with the audio system from Harman / Kardon which has 13 loadspeakers, 420 watt power amplifier and multi-channel LOGIC7 able to make the cabin feel like a concert hall that can be arranged through the button on the steering wheel.

The owner of this car can also store up to 100 CDs of their personal music on the hard drive of 13 GB available.


in-line engine which has a 6 cylinder with 4 valve becomes another one of the most enjoyable part of the car. The drive torque is 250 Nm can be obtained at low speed, while it contains the power of 218 hp feels good in the middle rounds.

It is obtained from the engine capacity of 2497 cc which is distributed through 6-speed Steptronic transmission is equipped with Adaptive Transmission Management.

In this test, able to drive this car up to 140-200 km / hour while on the freeway. power of the engine is actually still there, only the condition of public roads which of course is not an empty circuit does not allow us to reach 242 km / h as claimed BMW for this car.

Another thing that is fun from this car is handling classified according. No tiresome when in congestion and able to bend with ease when on the runway on the road swing.

Only, to redeem the ability of these machines, car gasoline consumption is quite wasteful. On the highway was only able to record efficiency of 5.3 km / liter. But for a sports car, the figure is certainly not make the head dizzy right?