Nissan Pathfinder 2013 Ready for Release

There are ways producers in advertising showcase mainstay product, which was launched before the time comes. That’s what seemed like Nissan did, by opening a curtain slightly new Nissan Pathfinder 2013. At first glance look like the silhouette of the new car Nissan. Adding to the curiosity of the lovers of the car, saw a glimpse of this beautiful new Nissan covered with black shadows.

Beautiful silhouette Concept Nissan Pathfinder was introduced to the public. The plan of this car will perform at the Detroit Motor Show 2012.

Nissan Pathfinder concept guarantees this will refer entirely to the design of a traditional SUV and brought all of advantages, plus with new platforms and dramatic aerodynamics.

Seven-passenger capacity is still maintained. Using a unibody structure, which means the same platform will also be used in Nissan’s latest products to come. Besides extensive cargo space.

Have a 4WD, not AWD, it means to have more capability as high-utility vehicle that is ready to be taken anywhere. This car looks ready to be invited to travel.

Through curves of silhouette images we get a unique body lines to more and more aerodynamic flow confirms the larger shoulder muscles. There are roof rails as well as other large SUVs. The rest looks the use of rim five bars.

Moreover, Nissan Pathfinder is still as if hiding something special about this car. It is intriguing. Plan being produced and sell in autumn 2012.