Mercedes-Benz GL500 Big and Beautiful

This Mercedes Benz GL500 full-size crossover SUV that was born to redefine the meaning of comfort and luxury in a car.

Mercedes Benz GL-Class, including the youngest in the Mercedes Benz product line. This model was born since 2006 is also unique in that its main target markets are the United States who like cars with engines and large size. In fact, the GL-Class is manufactured at the factory Mercedes-Benz U.S., precisely in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Because of its large size (length of 5 meters, a width of nearly 2 meters high) and the engine was too massive (V8, 5.461cc), GL Class have a niche market segments, small and specific.

They are a “family man” aged 40 years and over who likes adventure. Called “family man” because GL Class have 7-seater to accommodate the entire family-style comfort in the standard Mercedes-Benz. But, why should love an adventure? That’s because, elegant and aristocratic style SUV has a very powerful feature to explore off-road heavy though.

Press the hill start assist system (HSA), the car will not reverse the steep inclines. Another button, downhill speed regulation (DSR) makes the car can run at a constant steep derivatives without needing the driver hit the brakes. and ground clearance height can be adjusted in three positions.

This large engine synergy with the 7G-Tronic transmission with direct select which making control very smooth and refined. Mercedes-Benz even provides a paddle shift that frees the driver to move the gears manually. As a result, the driver has full control of power and acceleration of the car. This is important when overtaking at high speeds on the highway. Of course during the four-day trip, Mercedes-Benz GL500 steal the attention. Not only because the size is large, also because its design is very contemporary and eye catching.

Strict body lines Mercedes-Benz GL500. Impression of a typical aristocrat Mercedes-Benz thick felt. Chrome-plated crossbar roof rack suggests that car is ready off-roader and invited to heavy travel. Meanwhile, alloy wheels with five double crossbar measuring 20 inches adds sporty impression. This car also has a sun roof and moon roof. Moon roof is located on the third row seat.