Lexus Reveals The concept car, After Leaked on the Internet

Lexus, finally reveals teaser concept car, the LF-LC, as a reactions the leaking of the coupe model pictures on the internet, ahead of the launch preparations the Detroit Auto Show.

As reported, the launching process has been plagued by a series of leaked images, which appear by autoblog from Car and Driver.

Japanese car manufacturers are forced to reveal the concept car after that, because it has no way to make evasive. In fact, Lexus was quickly decided to send the photo actually as reactions, through its representative offices in several countries.

Although only a piece, but the design of the car has been talked about a concept that was impressive, this design shows the shape of future Lexus models in terms of styling, it makes the stakes very high.

So, the display now, can not answer even close to the curiosity of the automotive lovers… we’ll wait, January 9, later!