Hyundai Matrix Release Date

Hyundai Matrix review, Hyundai Matrix is modern cars are convenient for low mileage, mini-MPV that looks as classy sedan. With sleek styling and reasonable versatility, the matrix is rather tight for him. Hyundai Matrix is the first breakthrough for Korean cars. Design work of Pininfarina, the famous designer from Italy. The Hyundai Matrix is ready to compete. Hyundai Matrix using a platform developed by Hyundai Elantra R & D center based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Hyundai Matrix comes in the form of aerodynamics, and interior is comfortable and spacious, compact wheelbase and shorter front to produce a segment of maneuverability. Hyundai Matrix mini-MPV is incredible, but thanks to the most interior space into the Hyundai Matrix with a wheelbase of 2600 mm and a width of 1.740 mm.

Pillars of the glass Hyundai Matrix does not contain airbags front, as a result, relatively slim, so it would be safer to avoid accidents during the bend and the roundabout. Good brakes to stop, just step on to the machine reduces effect.

Hyundai Matrix engine-powered 106bhp 1.6-liter unit may be hard to draw a shihtzu then replaced a 1.8-liter engine with a power of 132bhp is a lot better. A 75bhp 1.5-liter diesel engine is also available if customers want a Hyundai Matrix fuel economy.

Manual gearbox Hyundai Matrix is offered with a strong hand grip, the 1.8 liter can be turned in at least some reasonable performance figures, reaching 60mph in 11 seconds before the peak at the peak of about 112mph. Both Hyundai Matrix fueled engine is good, 1.6-liter unit average of 1.8 Ekes impressive 35.3mpg from 33.2 miles per gallon.