Hyundai EON, Natural Gas cars

In the middle of the high price of fuel oil, making the car manufacturers in the world began to launch fueled cars Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), one of which is Hyundai EON.

South Korean car manufacturer, began to launch another variant of small cars, Hyundai Eon, which fueled Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), in the event the Auto Expo 2012, India.

This car has three variants, namely D-Lite, Era, and Magna. Hyundai Eon is a car with LPG fuel gas that can save fuel and save up to 31 liters to 34 liters of LPG.

These three types are equipped with several features such as air conditioning, power steering and transmission shift indicator. It’s just to type Era has additional features such as central locking and power windows.

As for the type of Magma – the highest type Hyundai EON LPG, has more additional features, namely the double-din audio, USB and Bluetooth equipped devices.

“D-Lite offers a number of dynamic features, while for Era and Magna also offers enhanced features of the variant Eon version normally,” said CEO of Hyundai India, HW Park.

three variants are ready for Eon LPG marketed in India and will compete with other environmentally friendly cars. About the price, Eon Hyundai LPG is much more expensive than the standard version of Eon.

Hyundai Eon LPG more expensive, due to the addition of indicators and equipment gas cylinders. Hyundai also provides two-year warranty to the consumer.