Honda NSX 2012 will be release

Honda Motor Company ready to revive the legendary Honda NSX supercar. This type of sports car will be carrying the hybrid engine with four-wheel drive.

Honda has confirmed the presence of New NSX at the Detroit Motor Show in January. New NSX is expected to become the strongest competitor Audi R8.

The new NSX could actually be seen in 2012. But some photos supecar has leaked on the Internet. Until now, Honda has not decided The final, whether the New NSX will display in type of coupe or roadster.

New Honda NSX 2012 using the 3.5-liter V6 engine to drive the rear wheels and an electric motor to turn the front wheels. The engine can produce power more than 400 bhp. Performance Acceleration 0-100 km / h in under five seconds.

This car body components using the latest carbon fiber material is quite light. So the total weight just 1270 kg.

“We do want to make a high-performance sports cars and exotic like the NSX,” said Honda CEO Takanobu Ito, currently the Frankfurt Auto Show 2011.