Honda Fit made in China will be exported to Canada

Honda has appointed its factory located in China to assemble the Honda Fit in 2012. In its plan the Honda Fit are manufactured in China will be exported to CanadaHonda Fit will begin to sent to Canada in early 2012. This is done by Honda because he wanted to build a global production outside of Japan, and China has been appointed as the country’s the right Honda.

China in 2011 it had become sufficiently developed countries and play a role in the automotive world, especially for luxury cars and environmentally friendly. Other reasons, namely due to the strengthening of the Yen in Japan, which continues to increase significantly.

“The exchange rate of the Yen is still quite high. It is so caught our attention, so we decided to produce the Honda Fit in China, “said Jerry Chenkin, Executive Vice President of Honda Canada.

not only Canada are the main objectives shipping Honda Fit. In addition to Canada several other European countries will also experience the same thing, like other European countries. While the automotive market for the United States (U.S.) Fit delivery will also be exported directly from China.