Honda City 2011 New Release

New Honda City 2011, Honda’s new release, sporty luxury sedan with features that have been enhanced. Honda City 2011 comes with advanced technology and aerodynamic exterior design. Features excess of the Honda City 2011 including Air Conditioner, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Power Steering, Braking System Anti Lock, Alloy Wheels, tubeless tires, tachometer and a CD player. New Honda City 2011 is full of the latest safety features and fuel efficiency without reducing performance. New Honda City 2011 a distance of 16 km in one liter of gasoline. Fuel-efficient cars. Overall styele Honda City 2011 with a stylish exterior and elegant interior decorated with either model.

Honda City 2011 Interior features stereo system compatible with iPods and MP3 players into digital audio sources and is also available USB port on the central control panel. To ensure high sound quality Honda City 2011, available four-channel amplifier, four PP cone-type speakers and two tweeters hard dome 45 Watt power, all controlled by the DSP Digital Signal Processor – graphic equalizer specially designed according to the interior noise characteristics of the Honda City 2011.

Honda City 2011 is powered by a Honda engine is very good performance 1.5-liter that delivers 88kW of power and 145Nm of torque. Drive Honda City 2011 to the front wheels through a five-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission.
Honda City 2011 Engine fuel efficient, low CO2 emissions grams 148/Km, fuel consumption average of 6.3 liter/100 kilometers.

The city is a good audience, Honda City 2011 radiates quality and impressive drive. Honda City 2011 has a lot of deals priced starting $ 20,490 and $ 22,290.