BMW 7 Series LCI, Release From July 2012

Entering the year 2012 BMW increasingly demonstrate its seriousness in the development of new products and also the development of various technologies. And this time BMW gives information that the latest BMW 7 series will start on the market in July 2012. In the model F01 and F02 7er LCI will use LED lights on the headlamp. And that will be redesigned in order to appear smaller in size.

And on the taillights may not change much, it will only be slightly darker color than the previous model. For the overall LCI BMW 7 series will use a turn signal on an already integrated in the rearview mirror.

There will be many changes in the engine sector for this series. The first in the series 750xd will have the same machine with 4 new model series M, that is by using a diesel engine 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo. So that the energy produced will be the same 381 horsepower.

To model the “entry-level” in the U.S., will present a variant of the 740i will use a machine with N55B30 code, which can generate power of 320 horsepower. As for 750i variant will use the machine with code N63B44TU and energy that can be produced is 450 horsepower. And machines with the final code will also be available on Gran Coupe 650i series.

For other diesel engine variants will also get a change. On 730d variants will generate power of 258 horsepower and the 740d variants will produce power equal to 313 horsepower and fuel consumption will result in more efficient. As for the highest variants BMW 760i, no change of power, and will use the machine with the code N74 twin-turbo V12.

As for the transmission sector is now BMW 7 Series will be more reliant on the new transmission ZF 8 speed automatic transmission that will replace the generation of 6-speed automatic transmission. Because by using this new transmission can improve better efficiency.